The GRR Story

The time is sometime in the future... Large functioning governments, nations and societies as we once knew them, are smashed and broken. The planet has dramatically changed as a consequence of a long, world wide war, environmental disasters triggered by unchecked industry, economic collapse, extremism, famine, plagues, and extreme weather. Those who survived "The Great Collapse" have re-formed and re-built themselves into small fiefdoms, villages and small communities, largely fending for themselves. It is a dangerous world, but there are those who are trying to make it better. The GRR is one of those groups.

Their origins are somewhat shrouded in myth and lore, but this we know. In the final years of "The Last War" (World War III), warring factions and nations began looking for any advantages on the battlefield. In the US, a top secret experimental DARPA program called the "Minerva-1.618 Project" was initiated to create a new breed of soldiers to closely fight alongside Tier 1 elements within US SOCOM. Through a risky process of genetic manipulation, selective breeding, and introduction of engineered viruses to advance brain function, select members from a variety of animal species were "Uplifted". Designated as "Combat Companions", these beasts were naturally adept at wilderness survival and ideally suited to operate in covert, forward, or austere environments.

With great leaps in intelligence and most notably becoming self aware, possessing enhanced and heightened pre-existing senses beyond those of human beings, engineered anthropomorphic dexterity, and intensive training in specialized warfare, these very unique animals were assigned to Tier 1 "handlers". These genetically modified and engineered beasts were tasked with reconnaissance, supporting close quarter combat, coordinating airstrikes, sabotage and insurgency. These Combat Companions became highly valued military assets and increased mission success rates towards the end of The Last War.

Despite the success rates of individual missions, nothing could stop the mass descent into global chaos, environmental catastrophes, great loss of life, and total collapse of centralized governments and societies. In the final days of The Last War, the surviving Combat Companions were given their freedom by their human counterparts to go seek their own destinies and make their place in the now broken world. A few of these animals went off on their own revelling in their newfound freedom and autonomy, others sought unity, had a shared sense of purpose and formed a small collective known as the GRR.

The GRR, or "Guardian Rogue Rangers", was the name of this collective these sentient animals gave to themselves. Finally free to roam with no masters, they had a deep love and connection to what was left of the natural world, rejected the narrow thinking and stunted, tired dogmas of old world politics, extremist, intolerant cultural and religious beliefs, destructive industrial practices, and authoritarian models of governance. The members of GRR with their new heightened levels of intelligence were hungry for knowledge, history and a great curiosity to understand the world as it was, what it had become and what they could do to make things better in their own vision.

During their journeys, they can often be found making camp in the remains of any standing libraries or small independent book stores, and reading anything they could get their paws on. As engineered beings, certain behavioral traits were favored during their creation such as loyalty, being mission oriented, and when threatened, quick to protect themselves, those they have identified as "Good Ones", and then decisively neutralizing any aggressors. The GRR wander the land, seeking to help others (human and animal kind alike) in need, and fighting for those who are set upon by those they identified as the "Enemy".

From their own new found sensibilities and developing society, the GRR endeavors to impart a sense of striking a better balance between the remaining natural and human-made worlds, bringing hope and enlightenment to humans and animals they come in contact with, showing others how to resist oppressive powers, and fighting the good fight when situations demand it. The world is broken and in their journey to help rebuild and reset, a new balance needs to be struck.

It is an Age of Reckoning....

This is the signet of the GRR. It is comprised of elements and symbols that represent the core values, beliefs and legacy of the GRR.

The hexagon shape represents strength and community.

The spade symbolizes wisdom, acceptance and labor. It represents earth in regard to the four elements and is a leaf from the cosmic tree representing life. In tarot, the spade represents death, action, air and intelligence. The spade also represents the end of a pike, or "tip of the spear" in combat.

The stylized tree represents all of the natural world. It is formed with three (Spartan) lambda chevrons and is also a reference to the "Rule of 3" in writing and storytelling, as well as survival.