Our Mission

The GRR is an anthropomorphic animal character based IP in the genre of sci-fiction and is intended to entertain, with occasional measures of levity, offer commentary on a variety of topics in its narrative and subtext, dabble in the esoteric and obtuse, and sometimes perhaps, even educate.

The GRR brand is committed to supporting and promoting wildlife conservation, the responsible stewardship of our planet's open and wild spaces, and pursuing a life lived on one's own terms.

We believe that people should stop whining and instead work together to find meaningful and actionable solutions to real and not imagined problems. We believe in helping others and showing them how to help themselves. We encourage self determination and self reliance. Sometimes life demands mischief and occasional acts of disobedience. Find a way, or make one. See and experience more of the world, and think for yourselves. Treat others as you wish how to be treated yourself.

This website is supported by the sales of products created and offered by its author/creator, and will be available here and there. An inherent part of the GRR mission is donating a portion of the sales proceeds from the sales of GRR goods to a variety of verified charities and nonprofits, with a focus in the wildlife conservation sector.