Shipping Policy

Handling Times:

GRR is a small independent brand. Due to the obligations to other our full time work schedules, orders placed from Saturday to Thursday are packaged on that same week's Friday and then brought to the US Post Office on Saturday for shipping.

As time permits we will make every effort to ship open orders more quickly whenever a window in our schedules become available. We thank you for your patience and understanding.


Shipping Options:

GRR uses the native Shopify shipping service which integrates USPS. USPS reaches the entire United States, its Territories, and 190 countries on planet earth. If your destination is not available in our shipping check out options, please contact us to see if we can make alternative arrangements.

Please note that we do not use pigeons, sled dogs, ravens or teleportation devices to delivery packages. If and when the latter tech ever becomes an affordable option we will be sure to explore adding this delivery service.


Delivery Times:

Depending on service rate selected when checking out, USPS may take anywhere from 2 to 7 working days after the package is scanned and processed by USPS for domestic orders.

For international orders, USPS relies on local carriers once in-country and the total delivery time may be anywhere from 6 to 20 days after the package is scanned and processed by all carriers involved.


Shipping Rates:

GRR uses the recommended lowest shipping rates offered by Shopify and USPS. These rates will be based on the dimensional weight of the package, the level of USPS service option selected, and will be visible when checking out.



There are nearly 159 million mailing addresses in the United States alone. Add the additional number of addresses for the rest of the world, and it will make your head swim. We will try and get your package to many address on the planet, but not all. A number of places on earth which are considered be no-no's by the USPS or notorious for credit card and mail fraud will not be available for us to deliver to.