The GRR was created by Patrick Ma, a designer, artist, object maker, and self styled adventurer-explorer of things big and small, close and far.

Currently residing in the San Francisco Bay Area with his family, the story of the GRR was inspired by Patrick's childhood experiences in the Appalachia and Adirondacks, surrounded by wilderness and wildlife; his lifelong interest in wildlife conservation, a fondness for epic sci-fi, frequent trips into redwoods and sierra, and occasionally some adventures in far flung corners of our planet.

Patrick is glad to be able to share the GRR stories with his kids, and any one else who may find them entertaining and interesting. When not dabbling in the GRR, Patrick is engaged in his other work creating real world and award winning products used by like minded adventurer-explorers, outsiders, well meaning rebels & rogues, field professionals, and even members of SOCOM and the Federal Government.

On his days off, Patrick is often seeking the next amazing taco or bowl of noodles, and/or getting into mischief with his kids either on or off the grid. 
When time permits and opportunities arise, Patrick has been involved in wildlife conservation work throughout most of his life. His work in this area has taken him to various points around the world, including Central to South America and Australia. Patrick believes strongly in protecting and advancing the biodiversity of our world and when not engaged in field work has made charitable giving to various wildlife conservation groups an integral part of his brands.